About us

For over 20 years Vega Technology has been at the forefront of developing FinTech and RegTech to drive business efficiency and growth.

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Delivering technology to deliver growth

Vega Technology focusses on Fintech and Regtech solutions that help clients streamline and automate processes to deliver cost and logistical efficiencies and facilitate growth.

Our expertise

We have in depth knowledge of the trust, corporate, fund pensions and private banking sectors, with more than 20 years’ experience in over 20 different global jurisdictions.

A head office in the highly respected financial centre of Guernsey and a development hub in the UK means that many of our team have first-hand experience in both offshore and onshore finance and they bring this valuable perspective into the continuing development of our products and solutions.

Scalable software solutions

We are experts at automating regulatory reporting, risk assessment and the development of online portals. From eBanking and AEOI reporting, including CRS/FATCA, to onboarding and compliance, our software solutions are easy to use, scalable and continually developed to keep pace with the constantly changing fiduciary and financial landscape.

Experienced and longstanding development and support

Used by clients that range from boutique fiduciary and fund businesses to global banking brands, we have gained a reputation for being competitively priced, flexible and highly responsive. Support is provided quickly, effectively and by real people, who you can talk to.

Our principles

We use our core values every day to guide how we serve our clients and support our people and partners.

We are collaborative

We achieve amazing things by connecting with and leveraging the expertise of our clients and teams.

We are honest

We know the best relationships thrive on a foundation of trust, we respect clients’ interests whilst being clear about our own.

We are responsive

We recognise speed matters and is a competitive advantage, so are always quick to respond, we also actively encourage and act upon client feedback.

We are tenacious

We are relentless in the pursuit of our mission; we’re clear on what we do best and committed to delivering on our promises.

Key personnel

Experienced, committed and responsive

We go the extra mile to find the perfect solution for you, be it one of our off-the-shelf software products or a customised solution. Our experienced client services team and developers can identify your specific needs and collaborate with you to create a solution that seamlessly integrates with your existing Fintech and Regtech software and CRM systems.

Some of our clients

Cutting-edge solutions for global industry leaders