AcuPen provides solutions for managing multiple pension schemes on behalf of multiple sponsoring employers and for the efficient administration of multi-member and individual private pensions.

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AcuPen provides the ability to define multiple pension schemes on behalf of multiple scheme sponsors and sponsoring employers, and perform the record keeping, management and reporting related to those pension schemes.

It supports multiple options for how beneficiaries can contribute to schemes, how funds are invested and managed, including the provision of Pension Web Portals to enable beneficiaries to track the progress of their pension.

Used by

  • Pension administrators.

  • Corporate pension providers.


  • Manages the structures (e.g. trusts, unitised funds, contracts) and accounting records.

  • Automates data acquisition and processing to drive down cost of administration.

  • Provides additional HR functions.

  • Enables pension administration service providers to offer the most efficient services to clients.

Key features


We provide full training on all our solutions either remotely or on-site.

Support & Updates

We have a responsive, in-house support team who consistently deliver the highest levels of customer satisfaction. The software is updated regularly with new releases made through the system portal.


AcuPen can easily integrate with Acumen and with document management systems.


Central controls can grant or restrict user access to ensure sensitive data is protected.

Custom Options

As well as meeting ever changing industry and regulatory requirements, AcuPen can be adapted to specific site and user needs, please contact us (Link) to discuss your requirements.

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