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Software, designed and developed to meet the needs of the non-retail banking sector and provide a customer-centric view of banking and investment transactions.

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Using Microsoft technology, Vision Banking provides a highly flexible, efficient and scalable solution to meet the demands of the private banking sector and enable Straight Through Processing (STP) through a flexible set of rules. The extent to which this is done depends on a bank's individual risk appetite.

Used by

  • Private banks, wealth managers, intermediaries, private client lending and banking solutions providers.

  • Vision delivers a real-time online operation that lets you hit the ground running. From single owner clients to multiple member group accounts with percentage ownership, Vision Banking supports complex client relationships, product holdings and transaction types.

  • The system functionality includes multi-currency product support for each client account and transactions can be simply integrated into BACS and SWIFT. Vision supports a fully integrated General Ledger with management information and reporting functionality.

Vision provides

  • Powerful functionality and unrivalled ease of use.

  • Security, reliability, scalability, flexibility and client focus that banks need.

  • Intelligent automation to ensure high levels of productivity and customer satisfaction.

  • A standard Windows interface, with a clear and intuitive layout to help control training costs and increase productivity.

Key features


We provide full training on all our solutions either remotely or on-site.

Support & Updates

Vision is adaptable to any changes in the regulatory environment with responsive support directly from our client services and development team.


Vision Banking is built on Industry Standard Technology operating on Microsoft SQL Server and Windows Desktop client application. API and SWIFT integration is easily available.


Security is multi level with control at module / feature level, user permission defined by group with Four eyes authorisation, when required. There is a facility to filter data by user level and, for audit purposes there is a fully logged history table.

Custom Options

Implemented as a browser based solution utilising commodity hardware and standard Microsoft software, Vision Banking easily scales and adapts as your business volumes grow and change but if you’re looking for an alternative to the standard off-the-shelf solutions without the inconvenience of starting from scratch, please contact us.

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