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The on-premise version of our widely used and highly respected administration systems for the TCSP sector.

Acumen simplifies the complex task of private wealth management for ultra-high-net-worth individuals and their families. It brings sophisticated automation to record keeping, investment management, payment processing and compliance and regulatory requirements.

Designed to be easy to use, Acumen has a dynamic database management system that enables you to respond rapidly to ever changing requirements, whilst maintaining data integrity.

Used by

  • Trust & Corporate Service providers (TCSPs), family offices, law firms administering trusts, intermediaries, fund and pension administrators.

Acumen is

  • Scalable - Used by all sizes of organisations across a range of financial services sectors.

  • Globally recognised - Adopted in over in over 20 jurisdictions.

  • Effective - reduces costs through automation and improved operational efficiencies

  • Secure - provides key management controls for ensuring regulatory compliance, efficient business management and safeguarding of client data.

Acumen provides

  • Accessibility - Installed directly on to your company servers, Acumen is available on your internal network that is accessible anytime, regardless of the status of your internet connection.

  • Complete control - Having dedicated servers within your business means your data and hardware are all yours. Acumen upgrades and system changes are at your convenience.

  • Powerful tools - To help you manage your business, Acumen eliminates repetitive and time-consuming manual tasks and avoids duplication. Easy to use features include advanced time recording, automated billing, profitability management and debtor control. Acumen allows you to keep track of tasks and activities and benefit from flexible client reporting tools.

Key features


We provide full training on all our solutions either remotely or on-site.

Support & Updates

We have a responsive, in-house support team who consistently deliver the highest levels of customer satisfaction. The software is updated regularly with new releases made through the system portal.


Acumen can interface with document management systems, for example Sharepoint, Laserfiche, EDocs and also third party screening providers such as Moody’s, Riskscreen etc.


On-premises storage is completely restricted from anyone other than authorised personnel. In Acumen access to client and business data can be controlled centrally to further ensure sensitive data is protected.

Custom Options

As well as meeting ever changing industry and regulatory requirements, Acumen can be adapted to specific site and user needs, please contact us (Link) to discuss your requirements.

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