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Big player or small specialist - who is beter to provide your Secure Online Banking Solution?

Big player or small specialist - who is beter to provide your Secure Online Banking Solution?

Vega Technology have been working in the financial sector both within the Channel Islands and in The City for over 20 years. We know and understand the sector and our developers are familiar with the nuances of banking solutions and terminology.

With a big player your order is just one of a large number of orders and systems they will be working on. Often there can be little customisation and you as the client will have to follow their development process and timelines. With an independent specialist like us you have much more flexibility. Whilst we have a general development process it is customised to each of our clients; we work the way you like to work. And importantly, as our overheads are low we are able to produce far more affordable systems using current up to date technology without losing any of the security and functionality.

Our clients consistently tell us that our systems are very user friendly. They do what the user wants because we have the ability to easily customise each system delivered to the special requirements of that client. Within the Private Client Banking sector, it’s that special treatment and dedicated private bankers that sets each bank apart and gives each bank its USP. At Vega we absolutely get this; our systems are designed to meet our clients’ and their high net worth individuals’ specific needs.

  • It will be secure; our systems are frequently penetration tested
  • It can be a real-time and client portal integrated with your other systems supporting your global network
  • It will be affordable; you will only pay for what you use
  • It will be a responsive app that works across all platforms
  • You will be dealing with people who know your business
  • You will be dealing with the same people; our staff turnover is very low
  • You won’t have multiple layers of people to work with, you will often deal directly with the developers working on your system
  • You will have rapid delivery of your solution, typically 6 – 9 months for a system from initiation to go live
  • You will very quickly start to see ROI with improved operating costs and happy clients and staff

Bigger is not always better, in our case, small is positive. We are a financially stable company and we value each of our clients as individuals. Where possible we will even work fixed price, which gives more peace of mind.

You won’t be taking a risk working with a small operation, give us a try and we will show you the benefits of working with a specialist.

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