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How The Next Generation Of Portals Can Help To Digitally Transform Your Business

How The Next Generation Of Portals Can Help To Digitally Transform Your Business

Just having a portal that allows your clients to communicate with you and upload documents isn’t enough.

It may be that this is exactly what your existing portal does, but to really add value to your business in today’s world it needs to do more.

For example, if your client is carrying out a complex transaction how do you share all of the pieces of information required and communicate progress efficiently? You probably store the information all over the place in excel files and in vast amounts of emails. Which makes it really difficult to get an accurate view of the transaction’s progress at any point in time.

The issue is that you are using outdated technology to manage a key aspect of your business. The new generation of portals is no longer just about two-way communication between your clients and your staff.

Allow your clients, lawyers, accountants, estate agents and your staff to have one view of the information. Let them interact with you via a secure portal app with a database structure that is aligned to your back end Wealth Management system (based on entities multi party relationships and assets/liabilities).

This handles and tracks your data before interfacing into your back-end system. Alert your staff when a task has been completed or requires approval using configurable workflows.

This will improve efficiency and release your staff from mundane tasks to provide more added value to your clients, helping you to convert more prospects and improve client experience. Your intermediaries will find it a lot easier to do business with you and will therefore recommend you to their clients – growing your revenues.

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