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Posted: Monday 1 April 2024

As a caring and progressive Tech employer of choice we take efficiency and well-being seriously and we are very pleased and excited to confirm we will shortly be launching DigiChip for all our staff.

This is a simple digital implant that is designed to be implanted in the hand (although it can be configured to be implanted in another part of your body if preferred) and can be used to activate payments, log in to devices and control smart tech around the home and office.
Whilst management recognise this might sound a tad intrusive we feel the benefits to the business are beyond doubt especially as it will be fully integrated into our DigiHub platform later this year.
Please note these DigiChips are very expensive but management have agreed to pay for half of the cost of the chip and the full cost of implantation (note to keep costs down David and Mandy have trained as implanters, they now have full ISO accreditation and a basic first aid badge).
We will monitor the DigiChips in staff for a year to make sure there are no adverse reactions and anticipate extending the service to our clients, commencing 1st April 2025, so please contact us if you would like to be included.

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