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Posted: Tuesday 13 February 2024

In the fast moving and highly competitive landscape of trust and corporate services providers (TCSP), the right administration software can make all the difference.

But when is it the right time to think about changing it? Or do you ever want to change it, because after all, doesn't change equal time and money?

There’s no one answer, but ask yourself and your user base if your current system will continue to provide all of the functionality you need, at a price that’s right with the support you deserve?

There will always be resistance to change. Businesses contemplating a shift from legacy systems may think that the costs of moving extend beyond monetary considerations.

But changing your core operating system can also have significant benefits. Automation and integration are key, reviewing what you do and how you do it can generate significant efficiency gains, improve data quality and boost productivity.

At some point the legacy systems will be priced beyond their value, not fit for purpose and/or no longer supported. Is it better to look for alternatives now and make the change when it suits you?

Vega understands the challenges faced by trust & company service providers, our Acumen software not only addresses the immediate needs of businesses but also provides a long-term solution that can adapt to the evolving landscape and integrate with other products in our technology stack like Tax Data Exchange for FATCA /CRS validation & reporting or DigiHub for onboarding and digital client servicing.

Acumen is used by Trust & Corporate Service Providers, family offices, law firms administering trusts, intermediaries, fund and pension administrators. It is:

  • Scalable - Used by all sizes of organisations across a range of financial services sectors.

  • Globally recognised - deployed in over in over 20 jurisdictions. 

  • Effective - Reduces costs through automation and improved operational efficiencies.

  • Secure - provides key management controls for ensuring regulatory compliance, efficient business management and safeguarding of client data.

  • Flexible – Available as on premise or cloud-based, hosted in Azure.

  • Integrated – with other solutions like document management, TDE, DigiHub, screening providers etc.

At Vega we are proud of how our Acumen software stands out as an easy-to-use, fairly priced, flexible and scalable solution that grows with our clients’ businesses.

We are also committed to exceptional customer service and with support and training from our in-house team, we can make transitioning to a new system a smooth and efficient experience.

If you would like to know more about Acumen or would like to discuss how you could improve your technology, please do not hesitate to make contact.

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