Vega Technology Sponsors 2024 Pride of Guernsey Community Hero of the Year Award

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Posted: Friday 7 June 2024

The 2024 Pride of Guernsey Awards has officially launched, and Vega Technology is proud to sponsor the Bailiwick Community Hero of the Year category.

This award recognises the dedicated individuals within our Bailiwick communities who work tirelessly, and often ‘under the radar', to safeguard our island's identity, heritage, and way of life.

These people, working independently, or within a diverse array of charities and organisations are hugely important in encouraging community well-being. They are dedicated individuals who address a range of social needs, from providing essential services and support to enhancing cultural and recreational opportunities. Their collective efforts contribute to a resilient, compassionate, and vibrant community. By volunteering, donating, or simply offering a helping hand, they bridge gaps and build connections, ensuring everyone has access to necessary resources and opportunities. These selfless actions not only improve lives but also strengthen our social fabric, fostering a sense of belonging and mutual support.

While Vega excels in developing cutting-edge technologies, we deeply value our history, our heritage and the lifestyle we all enjoy in Guernsey. We are proud to be part of acknowledging these individuals who have made significant, often unnoticed, contributions to preserving our customs, enriching our lives and providing essential support to protect local residents.

The Bailiwick of Guernsey is a truly remarkable and enchanting place to live. It has a unique character that we cherish and that many outsiders admire, and it is through the actions of many of these Community Heroes that this character is maintained.

In supporting the Pride of Guernsey Awards, Vega is showing appreciation for all of the nominees across all categories for their exceptional efforts for our island community.

We look forward to discovering all about our local heroes and encourage everyone to nominate anyone they think is deserving of an award by visiting

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