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Summary of issues/requirements

Praxis is a leading provider of bespoke private wealth and corporate administration services to companies, individuals, and families across the world.

Focused on personal service, Praxis has earned an enviable reputation for delivering effective solutions for their clients, built up over the last 50 years.

With its collaborative “open ideas” approach, the business requires core systems that can be modified and enhanced as it evolves to service new opportunities or business needs.

These systems need to be accessible both in-house and externally, via portals, to support clients and intermediaries.

To meet these needs a clear understanding of the fiduciary corporate administration and pension sectors is key.


The Acumen, Acupen & Acufund software suite provide the core platforms that Praxis uses to run its businesses across the globe.

The Acumen team have constantly evolved the products, collaborating with Praxis to refine these systems since the mid 1990s. An ongoing focus has been on process improvement via automation and integration with other systems to boost productivity, reduce operating costs and support business growth.

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