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Streamlining Client Profiling with DigiHub at Ravenscroft (CI) Limited

Ravenscroft is an independent investment services group, operating across Guernsey and Jersey. Their vision is to become the premier Channel Islands-based investment firm, prioritising exceptional customer service, integrity, and a full suite of investment options. Currently, they administer £8.76 billion of assets, servicing a range of clients from individuals and families to charities, intermediaries, and corporations.

Ravenscroft’s ethos centres on making investing accessible for all with a straightforward and high-touch approach. By understanding each client's unique investment requirements, Ravenscroft ensures that they benefit from investment solutions that are perfectly tailored to their needs.

For clients seeking advisory and/or discretionary investment services, the accuracy of financial profiling is a key tool in ensuring that Ravenscroft do the best possible job for their clients. The company were seeking to automate and improve this process; not only to ensure that the client’s needs are met, but to ensure that they keep ahead of the regulatory landscape that the business is governed by.

The introduction to Vega Technology gave Ravenscroft access to DigiHub, a powerful SaaS software ‘engine’ that has the ability to connect, via API, the business’ CRM, admin and back office systems so they could talk to each other whilst also providing a slick, secure, smooth interface for clients to use via desktop, tablet or mobile.

Together, Ravenscroft and Vega created a customised questionnaire for both sole name and joint portfolios - the platform, pre-populated client information from existing records from their Dynamics CRM and distributed it to relevant clients. DigiHub’s technology made the journey simple and straightforward for the end user and this positive user experience resulted in prompt, accurate and data rich returns.

DigiHub then collated and analysed the data using an automated scorecard methodology, which was defined by Ravenscroft, thereby calculating various risk ratings and proposed changes to the clients’ circumstances by comparing them to the clients’ existing information. This data provided an oversight report and approval process to ensure any changes and disparities between risk ratings were reviewed and opined on by relevant relationship managers, in turn meaning that they could analyze and engage with each client to ensure the best possible outcome was achieved.

The initial success of DigiHub at Ravenscroft prompted the roll out of the platform across the whole group, achieving remarkable results in weeks rather than months. This swift turnaround underscored the platform's effectiveness in enriching client data, while automating and streamlining processes.

In conclusion, Ravenscroft Guernsey's adoption of DigiHub exemplifies the transformative impact of digital technology in the financial sector. By leveraging advanced tools and streamlined processes, institutions can enhance efficiency, mitigate risks, and deliver superior client experiences.

Client Feedback

“At Ravenscroft, our philosophy has always been to place the client’s needs at the very forefront of what we do. This is to ensure that their requirements are met and to allow them to make their investing experience straightforward, accessible and relevant. As we adapt to our client’s evolving requirements, and the ever changing market and economic outlook, we want to be able to regularly and easily review their personal circumstances and risk appetites, so we can evolve their investments accordingly.

Our clients expect, and deserve, interactions with us to be smooth and seamless, they don’t want to feel that they are constantly being asked to fill in paper forms or pdfs, re-entering the same information time and time again.

The benefits of DigiHub were evident throughout the development process. The absence of forms being posted out and the elimination of manual keying in of data not only saved time but also reduced the risk of errors. Moreover, the platform empowered relationship managers to focus on strategic client engagement and reassessment of profiles rather than administrative tasks.

We really enjoyed working with Vega on this project and their expertise and enthusiasm resulted in the delivery of a great digitalized solution for Ravenscroft and our clients.

David McGall & Sophie Yabsley

Directors – Ravenscroft (CI) Limited

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