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Summary of issues/requirements

As their business continued to grow Investec recognised that their existing banking system could not sustain them going forward. They needed a banking system that would enable them to take on more business without recruiting large numbers of additional staff.

One of the core requirements was that it should provide client facing staff with all the information they need to deliver outstanding customer service, with key data being easily accessible and clearly displayed at the push of a button.

Skills Used

  • Microsoft SQL Server

  • BizTalk

  • ASP

  • JavaScript


Vega used industry knowledge and technical expertise to develop a new banking system which included and improved on the functional elements of the existing banking system with a new customer facing layer. It integrated fully with the customer facing online solution that had already been developed.

Since Vision was implemented in 2004 the bank has more than quadrupled its book without increasing the size of its operations team. The system has been continuously developed over this time to keep pace with changing business requirements and help the bank maintain its competitive edge.

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